Wednesday, March 7, 2012

So Lucky!

Nothing breaks the (sometimes monotonous) college routine like receiving a package from home, or in this case, a care package from So Lucky Gifts. After a few odd looks from passers by and bit of a struggle getting the large box back to my room, I wasted no time opening it.

The packaging was very well done and stylish. It had an earthy look to it with the green ribbon and brown paper shreds. I definitely give them props for presentation, although the paper shreds weren't fun to get out of my furry rug...

The package, So Lucky's So Smart - College Box - Medium Size, had a nice mix of gluten free snacks for all occasions. I enjoyed the Honey Stingers for pre-practice snacks when I didn't have a lot of time between class and practice. Also, the Nutella packets were great to pack for track meets. The cereal bars are a breakfast staple for me so I can never have too many of those, and the cheese puffs are one of my favorite snacks. I had never tried the Thai Kitchen noodles in a microwave before, but they turned out surprisingly well. 

Overall I would say this care package is a success. It has a good mix of snacks for the busy gluten free college student, and it is beautifully packaged. I would recommend it as a gift for the gluten free person in your life that doesn't live near by.

So Lucky Gifts sent this to me to sample their college care package and they are sponsors of this blog and my mother's blog, Celiacs in the House.

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