Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Growing up, I was always the scrawny little girl who was underestimated in almost every aspect. Being athletic and competitive, I always wanted to show people that I could do anything they could do. I wanted to be better, faster, and stronger. My competitive nature fueled me to work harder to be the best that I could be, and I proved many people who doubted me wrong. However, there was always one thing that kept slowing me down, my health. I've always struggled with a weak immune system, allergies, digestive issues, and general fatigue. When I was eleven, my brother was diagnosed with celiac disease and was put on a gluten free diet. Because celiac is genetic, by the next year the rest of my family started to go gluten free as well. I denied it, and "cheated" on my diet for about two years until I went completely gluten free at age fourteen. It certainly made a difference on my health just going off of gluten, but it has taken me four years of experimenting to fine tune my diet to where I feel relatively symptom free. I am now almost completely dairy free and also avoid eating a lot of grains, and am the healthiest and strongest that I have ever been. 

I am now college bound, and about to experiment with living in a dorm while being gluten free. This blog will follow my adventures as a gluten free athlete in college, and will hopefully serve as a resource to others in similar situations. Check back often for updates!


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